Manage your BrickLink shop orders easier and faster

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You can see the incoming orders, manage them and change the status, you can monitor your inventory, send the Drive Thru message once the order is shipped, check the catalog in many ways (by color, price, description). You can use the part-out function to calculate fast the result for a part-out and see all your store statistics.

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With Brickbatch you can easily manage your BrickLink store, keep track of all your orders and see your store statistics.


View orders immediately when you receive them, upadate order status, check items in the order, send the Drive-Thru and send messages to customers, mark items in the order as verified, manage shipping summary and add tracking numbers with your camera and barcodes.


Load the complete inventory of your store, view it by category, description, color, type and availability and update details with ease, set prices and discounts, edit tiered pricing, send items to Stockroom, share links to inventory items, use the search function to calculate part-out starting from the code of a set.


Look up the BrickLink catalog, see detailed item information, check item availability and color, see up-to-date price guide, check part out value for sets, minifigs and gear


You can check the part out for sets starting from the code.


Monitor all your store statistics (total annual and monthly sales, average sales, number of orders, feedback received, total items sold, items sold by color, type, etc.)


Please ensure that you have enabled API access beforehand. Instructions to enable this is available within the app, or check out (mettere indirizzo del tuo sito)

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